Kauffmann: “Our business model is also developing good practices in mountains, investing in education and in local communities”.

The CEO & Founder of The NeverRest Project, Frédéric Kauffmann, has been at South Summit Brazil, in Porto Alegre, invited to speak about Environmental Engineering: Self Sufficient Circular Economy. It has been a great opportunity to share with the audience different aspects on which we are working on.

“In Mount Everest we are facing the most high environmental challenge in the world”Kauffmann said, adding that “today we talk about Nepal but the waste management is a global problem. After pandemy more people started to go to mountains and we are working in solutions to balance the situation”.

Palestra Environmental Engineering: Self Sufficient Circular Economy, com Joe Haslam, Sérgio Luiz Ribas e Frédéric Kauffmann na Arena Stage do South Summit 2023. FOTO: Wesley Santos/ Agencia Preview

From The NeverRest Project we strongly believe that the benefits of our project are not only in terms of immediate economic revenues: We support our business model in the impact economy and in the regenerative tourism -which defends a fairer distribution of benefits with the host communities and leads a change from down to up- as the way to reach an stronger and more solid local economy in the medium and long term. “Our business model is also based on developing good practices in mountains, investing in education and in the local communities. We are talking about regenerative tourism”, Kauffmann summed up.

Frédéric Kauffmann, CEO & Founder at The NeverRest Project.

For this, “we are working with the best talent in engineering, biology, climate change and mountain experts to find better ways to engage with ecosystems”Kauffmann said. You can check our work here.

From The NeverRest Project we are very grateful to the South Summit organization for their invitation and we hope to see you again in a new edition of this very important international event.