The NeverRest Project is an environmental engineering and technology corporation committed to instituting a providing action systems and a self-sufficient circular economies to achieve optimal environmental protection and management to strike a better balance between tourism and the ecosystem.

Our team consists of engineers, technology specialists, biologists, climate change experts and mountaineers, among others, who are already working on a number of transdisciplinary solutions and prototypes to clean up the highest mountain in the world after over forty years of commercial expeditions resulting in an enourmous amount of waste buildup in the area.

The NeverRest Project team is also working on planning and designing a sustainable base camp that solves the waste management problem while also bringing benefits to the people in the area, both to the local communities and to the different agents of the high-altitude and mountain tourism industry.

The phases of the Mount Everest project

The project is composed of five principal phases, as follows:

1. Measuring the environmental impact on Mount Everest. We will carry out a field survey to analyse the current state of the mountain and catalogue the volume of waste that has built up.

2. Designing a Sustainable Base Camp. The NeverRest Project’s team of engineers and local experts will design a sustainable sanitation system for the Nepalese Government at Everest Base Camp to manage its waste more efficiently.

3. Environmental impact assessment. We want to involve mountaineers and trekkers in assessing their environmental impact. This will help us raise awareness about the importance of respecting the environment while generating a greater benefit to both the ecosystem and local communities.

4. Fortifying the role of local specialists. In collaboration with the Government of Nepal, we will exalt the profile of local mountain specialists through environmental and waste management education, outreach, and training programmes for national and international visitors, universities, and schools.

5. Cleaning up Mount Everest. A cross-disciplinary team of local and international specialists will carry out a comprehensive clean-up project at Mount Everest in Nepalese territory.

Welcome to The NeverRest Project.

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