Frédéric Kauffmann: “The tourism model has to catch up, it’s very agressive right now”.

The CEO & Founder of The NeverRest Project, Frédéric Kauffmann, has been invited to South Summit Madrid to speak about Waste Not, Want Not: Sustainable Solutions for Waste Management. It has been a great opportunity to share with the audience different aspects on which we are working on.

“The tourism model has to catch up, it’s very agressive right now. There is a lot of people ‘consuming nature’ in Mount Everest”, Kauffmann said. “We believe in regenerative tourism: leave the place better than you found it. That means to improve good practices: individual responsability with waste and respect more local communities”. About the situation in Mount Everest, Kauffmann said that “nobody knows exactly the extension of the problem about rubbish in Mount Everest. We are working on a real field study. Then we’ll present the first sustainable Base Camp”.

Watch the full video here:

From The NeverRest Project we are very grateful to the South Summit organization for their invitation and we hope to see you again in a new edition of this very important international event.  

Credit main photo: South Summit Madrid