The NeverRest Project and the regenerative tourism in Fitur 2023

The NeverRest Project has joined Fitur 2023, the main international tourism exhibition in Spain and one of the most importants in Europe, where we have chatted with important stakeholders from Nepal. We have shared ideas and impressions about the regenerative tourism with the Government officials and tourism business associations, whom shared important ideas and perspectives about the tourism model that the country wants to implement.

Damber Parajuli, president of the Expedition Operator’s Association of Nepal, said that “the associations have a big power to develop the mountain tourism” and can boost the Nepal professionals in the mountain as the sherpa guides, assistants, staff, and the ice-fall doctors whom “have been always behind the scene and is time to bring them in screen”. About the waste management, Parajuli said “is time to clean the mountains”:

Nandini Lahe-Thapa, senior director of PR & Publicity Department of the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) shares her opinion about the relevance of tourism in Nepal, and the importance of Mount Everest in the local economy:

Ramesh Thapa, president of the Nepal Association of Tour & Travel Agents (NATTA), shares his opinion about how the Nepal local associations can implement the regenerative tourism:

Frédéric Kauffmann, CEO of The NeverRest Project, has also spoken with some Spanish media to explain the phases of our project in short, medium and long term.

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