CEO & Founder of The NeverRest Project, Frédéric Kauffmann, and the Himalayan climber Alex Txikon, in Everest Base Camp in 2021.

The NeverRest Project team consists of engineers, technology specialists, biologists, climate change experts and mountaineers, among others, who are already working on a number of transdisciplinary solutions and prototypes to clean up the highest mountain in the world after over forty years of commercial expeditions resulting in an enourmous amount of waste buildup in the area.

The NeverRest Project’s scientific team

The NeverRest Project has an expert committee made up of scientists specialized in environment and climate change, biology, ice and glacier research. Mike Styllas, mountain climber and geologist, has led 15 scientific expeditions in many mountains around the world:

María Urieta, biologist:

Alton C. Byers, Ph.D. is a mountain geographer, conservationist, and mountaineer specializing in applied research, high altitude ecosystems, climate change, glacier hazards, and integrated conservation and development programs.

Our team work in collaboration with local Nepali specialists in waste management in Mount Everest and the surrounding areas in Khumbu and Sagarmatha National Park.

The NeverRest Project’s team of mountain and tourism specialists

The NeverRest Project has a team of top-level specialists in the Himalayas and mountains in general who will provide site-specific expertise in collaboration with the Nepalese Government, local tourism, and community associations.

Some of the contributors are top athlete Kilian Jornet, Basque mountaineer Alex Txikon, who has reached the summit of all 14 eight-thousanders, Italian climber Tamara Lunger, soul mountaineer, Italian high altitude climber -in the last years mainly on winter expeditions-, and Simone Moro, an Italian mountaineer who became famous beyond the Himalayas for a rescue at over 8,000 metres that earned him numerous awards and the Gold Medal for Civil Courage.

In the realm of documentation, we have the German journalist, mountaineer, and managing director of the Himalayan Database, Billi Bierling, and the mountain and climbing guide, Fernando Peralta.

Nepalese mountain guide and writer, Lakpa Nuru Sherpa, who has reached the summit of Mount Everest three times, also contributes local knowledge and a Nepalese point of view on sport mountaineering and the mountain and altitude tourism industry in Nepal to the field.

The NeverRest Project and HyperloopTT

The NeverRest Project is supported by the innovative transport and technology company HyperloopTT, with which it signed a partnership agreement in 2021.

Andrés de León, CEO of HyperloopTT, stated: “HyperloopTT decided to support The NeverRest Project because we truly believe it is a necessity. If we look at our own history, sustainability is clearly in our genes. Our approach to developing HyperloopTT is based on efficient energy, developing truly sustainable materials. Therefore, supporting initiatives like The NeverRest Project, which are truly going to change the world at a crucial time for humanity, was an obligation for us. So, we are going to help The NeverRest Project with all our experience, knowledge, and capabilities, because we truly believe in this project”.

The NeverRest Project team is working with the innovative Lucy technology, used by HyperloopTT. This is an online work management platform, supported by artificial intelligence and international in its scope, which helps coordinate teams, puts specialists in contact with one another to solve problems and compiles the progress of each expert in the project.

Welcome to The NeverRest Project.

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