Our story

Our story started more than 20 years ago, when the mountaineer Fernando Peralta -guard in the National Park in Ordesa (Spain) and climber of the Cho Oyu in the Himalayas– and CEO Frédéric Kauffmann met and share their impressions and worries about the environmental situation of the mountains across the world.

In the photo, Fernando Peralta in the summit of Cho Oyu in 2003.

The NeverRest Project was set up during the pandemic, joining the best talent in an international multidisciplinary team of top experts from a variety of fields, combining science, technology, engineering and creativity to provide environmental solutions.

Watch Fernando Peralta sharing the beginning of the story:

December 2022. International launching

In December 2022 we launched The NeverRest Project internationally from Chandragiri Hills, Nepal, together with the country’s main tourism authorities such as the Ministry of Tourism and the Nepal Tourism Board.

The NeverRest Project and the Nepal Tourism Board of the Government of Nepal are working together on the most significant environmental endeavor ever undertaken at Mount Everest. The goal is to turn the world’s highest mountain into an international benchmark for sustainability and environmental management, while working in close collaboration with local Nepalese communities.

In the photo: CEO of the Nepal Tourism Board, Dr. Dhananjay Regmi, and CEO & Founder of The NeverRest Project, Frédéric Kauffmann, on December 2022 in Nepal.

2023. The NeverRest in South Summit

We have also been invited to participate in two editions of the international South Summit -Porto Alegre and Madrid- to explain our perspectives on the application of regenerative tourism on Mount Everest.

May 2023. International Everest Day with a message from the top

On May 29th, International Everest Day, the Nepali climber and Guinness Record summiter Kami Rita Sherpa wanted to ask for respect towards the mountains, especially in terms of waste and rubbish, in collaboration with The NeverRest Project.

The famous sherpa climber displayed the message “Respect it today and enjoy it forever” written on a piece of abandoned tent that he himself picked up on the way to the top of Everest.

Welcome to The NeverRest Project.

Let’s do it together.