The NeverRest Project and HyperloopTT team up to take on the greatest environmental challenge facing Mount Everest

The NeverRest Project is supported by the innovative transport and technology company HyperloopTT, with which it signed a partnership agreement in 2021.

Andrés de León, CEO of HyperloopTT, stated: “HyperloopTT decided to support The NeverRest Project because we truly believe it is a necessity. If we look at our own history, sustainability is clearly in our genes. Our approach to developing HyperloopTT is based on efficient energy, developing truly sustainable materials. Therefore, supporting initiatives like The NeverRest Project, which are truly going to change the world at a crucial time for humanity, was an obligation for us. So, we are going to help The NeverRest Project with all our experience, knowledge, and capabilities, because we truly believe in this project”.

The NeverRest Project team is working with the innovative Lucy technology, used by HyperloopTT. This is an online work management platform, supported by artificial intelligence and international in its scope, which helps coordinate teams, puts specialists in contact with one another to solve problems and compiles the progress of each expert in the project.